Just Me


I am Jessica
I am her, and she
I am them
I am ME
I am shy,
I am silly
I am hated and loved
I am me

I am mom
I am daughter
I am friend
I am foe

I am young
I am old
I am unique
Yet I am the same

am quiet I am loud
I am proud, I am fearful
I am a wisher and a dreamer
I am a writer and a bookworm
I am frugal, and expensive I am just me

I am beautiful
I am sincere
I am emotions
I am laughs and cries
I am JUST Me


Dear Me


The #dearMe

If I could right a letter to my younger self, what would I say?

Dear younger Jess,
I want you to know that you are beautiful. Look in the mirror and see what the world sees.  I want you to not be afraid to dream big. Your dreams don’t have to be hidden. It can happen. You are talented and special. I want you to not hide your feelings and to stand up for what you believe in.  The people that bring tears to your eyes will not matter in the future. Real friends will always remain. Your mother is right about more than you think. She really has been through it all. She is just guiding you best way she knows how. You will need math in the future, so listen to dads lessons.  You will miss being a kid, because being an adult Truely is hard. Enjoy life, smile and laugh lots.
              Love Always

It’s My Birthday

Today, I grow another year older. Happy birthday to me! As I sit and reflect on the past year, I feel a lot has happened. I enjoyed making memories with my hunnie. We celebrated our twelfth year together last month. We continued to build our remodeling business successfully. We also enjoyed growing our family with our third baby. We went through a few losses. One being Jesse’s father, which was very hard on him. One being our Angel baby, and last but not least our puppy, Buster. Through all of this heartache and celebration, I feel I have grown. I am by far not perfect. However, right now, I am the happiest I have probably ever been. I have someone to hold my hand through life’s journeys. I have great friends who make me laugh and who are always around. I have three wonderful little blessings who make me smile. Turning twenty eight is just great. To all my other March 19 twins, one being my sister. I wish you a very happy birthday. May you have all your wishes come true and cake. Gotta have cake. šŸ™‚


Ten Random Facts About Me

1) I believeĀ  romance.
2) I hate rollercoasters
3) monsters an creepy crawlies are still some of biggest fears.
4) tv is my addiction
5) I am a picky eater (veggies yuck)
6) a pet peeve I haveĀ  is when jesse shakes his feet while falling asleep
7) I am a big dreamer(my bucket list is long)
8) books r my way of traveling the world
9) I’m awkward and quiet
10) I love country music

Today’s Pet peeves

Vanilla wafers and the size


When I was a kid I understand that lots of things seemed bigger. Problem is I know that these cookies have shrunk significantly over the years. The grocery store was having a 2 for $5 on the name brand “nilla wafers” So I bought some thinking I can make peanut butter sandwich cookies and have a littlw snack. These things are so much smaller and thinner that a dot of peanut butter hardly fits. #Disappointing

When someone messes with MY DVR


Omg! I want to scream right now! My daughter who is six canceled my shows from the schedule tonight and in place put Disney shows! Ya! Can you believe it? Monday night tv, canceled! No bachelor finale! No broke girls or Mike and Molly! All canceled.Ā  Going to try and watch online tomorrow but I am still terribly sad tonight!

International Woman’s Day


International Woman’s Day.
What does that mean?Ā 
Direct quote from International woman’s day website

All around the world, International Women’s Day represents an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality.

What this means to me. Well first and foremost it means I am proud to be born a woman. Many times women don’t embrace their feminine sides. Reasons I am thankful I am a woman.

1) I got the pleasure of feeling three angels grow inside me.
2) I have a wonderful naturing
3)  I’m more sensitive
4)painting my fingernails
6) I get to be held by strong arms

Just to name a few. Now granted men can care about fashion and can also be nurturing. I just feel that as a woman I come by these things

more natural than a man. 

Women who inspire me to be a great woman

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My new look

Had been a long while since I got a new hair style. Was previously long and stringy. No style, volume or cuteness. I went to a great salon today here in town for the first time. A sweet girl did my hair into a wonderful, beautiful cut and color. We have lots in common and it was nice to engage in mom talk. I went daring and picked red with very light blonde highlights. The stylist said they were sunkist.
I absolutely love it. Thanks Stephanie


Ps. Pictures do not give it justice. Lighting was terrible.

My last name

Well as I said in the about me post I am not married. Well not on paper anyways. My last name is still my maiden name. My significant other and I have been together over 6 years, but haven’t done the whole standing in front of our family and friends saying cliches. We are waiting for the right time.
Anyways my son is 4 years old. He has a very inquisitive mind. Sometimes I swear I can see the wheels turning inside his tiny head. Well anyhow the other day he was playing office (a fave game of his). He looked up from his clip board and says
“mommy whats your last name?”
My reply was “what is my last name?” thinking he would say something silly like mommy? well he popped up and said
I was shocked that he had been paying attention to me when I was on the phone or at the doctor’s office and said my last name. So I curiously said ” How did you know that?” Well turns out he wasn’t paying attention to me. He heard it from my dad. Anyways the conversation continued with Zack telling me he wanted my name to be his last name. I just laughed at him and said it would be one day. He was satisfied with that answer, but that conversation is certainly one I will remember always.

who i am

My name is Jessica. I am a 22 year old gal living in Texas. I have 2 beautiful children. Zack is 4 And Ryleigh just turned one. I am not married but I have met the love of my life, Jesse Ray! I have started this blog to get back into writing, and to share my writings with my family and friends. I hope you enjoy.