Imagination is The Magic in life, not just childhood

“Ice scream you scream we all scream for ice cream.”

Okay time to get serious

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#Girl Crush


It was brought to my attention that there is controversy surrounding Little Big Towns new single Girl Crush.
First of all Whoever has a problem with this song #1 is probably an idiot and #2 Why do people have a problem with this song and not rappers  degrading women? (Think about it!) And last but most importantly, listen to the words. The lyric says specifically “I want to kiss her lips because they taste like you. I Want to drown myself in a bottle of her perfume. I want her long blonde hair. Ya cuz maybe then you woukd Want me more.”  The song is clearly about being jealous of someone else having a man she wants. Besides this though Why do we have to find debate in every single aspect of things.

Here is the YouTube link to the song. If you haven’t heard it. It is a Great song.
http:// Little Big Town – Girl Crush (Lyric Video)
Here is the behind the song video as well.

Cheez-it Grooves Zesty Ranch Review


I have always been a fan of cheez-it’s but on a whim I picked these up to try something new.  Well conforming these my daughter and I ate nearly half the box. They were absolutely delish. Box says best of a cheez it and a chip in one. I say cross between a chezz-it and a tried it. Either way they are absolute yummy in my tummy.

Spiritual but not Religious

Just listened to a podcast by manic mommies, this podcast struck a nerve with me. It was about being spiritual but not religious,  These people called thereselves humanist. I think another word for it is Atheist! You cannot be spiritually full with an empty heart. God fills your heart. Religion is not just church and bible studies. Its living in the light. Its FAITH, LOVE and much more. Yes life is sad and troubles come to every human. They are Gods Test of Faith. I will pray for this author. He will need it come judgment day!


Listen for yourselves

          manic mommies episode 201