I walk into our family kitchen
This room is constantly. Flowing
Someone eating, someone at the table
Back door opening and closing
A small room always a buzz

At times disaster area
Cups, bowls, plates, and more
Sticky madness on the table
Trash not making it in the can

Yummy smells
Around a table we sit
Say the prayer
Eat a great meal
Our family kitchen


Just Me


I am Jessica
I am her, and she
I am them
I am ME
I am shy,
I am silly
I am hated and loved
I am me

I am mom
I am daughter
I am friend
I am foe

I am young
I am old
I am unique
Yet I am the same

am quiet I am loud
I am proud, I am fearful
I am a wisher and a dreamer
I am a writer and a bookworm
I am frugal, and expensive I am just me

I am beautiful
I am sincere
I am emotions
I am laughs and cries
I am JUST Me

Grassstains & Grape Kool aid


Summertime is slowly creeping up. , and with summer time around here means lots of grape kool aid and grass stains. I try to keep the kiddos outside as much as possible while keeping them hydrated with kool aid and popsicles. Sunblock is bough in bulk because sunburn kiddos are sad kiddos. Grassstains are one of the new mama challenges. Laundry becomes more as I spend extra time spraying them. Every towel in the house is wet from pool. Why, two kids need ten towels. I will never know. Time to stock up on the grape kool aid, its their favorite. What summer challenges are around your house?

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Fairytales and Football


Fairytales and football

Life with a girl full of tea parties, Cinderella, snow white and all the princess. Pink and purple and sparkles. Glitter,bling and cute.

Life with my boy. First words dad said when he saw him there’s my little football player.
One of his first words were Touchdown!
He is a mighty beast on the field
He lives football through and through.



A-Z Challenge

Diaper Explosion

Have you ever been loving, and cuddling your sweet bundle of joy, and look down and…OH NO! POOP EVERYWHERE? Yes that has happened to me. I think all three of my kiddos have done this in some form or fashion. Z did it when he was asleep and got poop all over the bed, Monkey did it in her car seat, and care bear (who is just three months old right now) actually got poop on me.  I swear they know what they are doing because when you go to clean the mess they grin so BIG!

poop song
POOP is what you did
A mess is what you made
You get clean first so the mess doesn’t get worse
After making you happy I clean myself and any bedding that got in the way
Your stinky….your stinky
Your happy now, you know what you did
You poooped, oh yes you did
Your stinky your stinky
It’s a poop explosion, but if you didn’t do it your lungs would be exploding so I clean it up and still love you, even though
Your stinky…..

Dr Seuss, your driving me insane



Dr Seuss
Your are driving me Insane!
You are a true poet, growing up we all loved it
Stories are classics, shared with every  generation
But your driving me insane
Your world brings imagination,
You help their minds create
but your driving me insane
The words are easy for a beginner reader
The constant repeat , helps them remember
All This rhyming goat, house,mouse
The same book is a favorite Sam just try the green eggs and ham already!  You will like them you will see, just eat them sam please. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE! PLEASE JUST LET THE STORY END.

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Candy in the closet


A-Z Blog Challenge


I survive off a continuous cup of Coffee.
I take it with cream and sugar
Hot or cold, fill my cup
The day can’t begin without me sipping, please don’t speak until I have had at least one cup. Morning noon or night I will always love thee.

Chocolate, oh how I love thee
Happy, or sad your the one I want
Ice cream, brownie, cakes
How will I choose
With peanut butter, carmel or plain
Dark, milk, semi-sweet
So many choices, I love them all
Share? I simply can’t
Hiding in the closet sneaking a nibble
Open the package quiet, shhh! They will hear. My dear chocolate I love you so.

The “A”cademy “A”ward


The Academy award for best dramatic actress goes to….My Daughter

She gets the award because she is the best actress I know.

She has it all beauty, and smarts

She is six going on sixteen

She can screech like a screeching owl

She brings tears in milliseconds

She knows exactly when to put the puppy dog face on

She smiles hugely and laughs enormously

She is a wonderful actress, and greatly deserves this award

I just hope she remember to thank me in her acceptance speech

After all, I am the one who gives her the chances to practice her talents


Attribution: Font Awesome by Dave Gandy