Queen Bee

I am the queen of this house
If I’m not happy, u better buzz off
I am the queen bee.

Okay, if I’m the queen why am I
Cooking, cleaning and running thus castle?

Quiet time.
Every mother needs a bit of quiet time. No, I’m not talking about the tine you hide in the bathroom.  I am talking legit quiet time. Tine to reflect, time to pray, time to get mentally prepared. I take this time in the mornjng, or late at night depending in the day. For example currently my little one goes back to down after my SO, and bug kids are off to school.  This is my quiet time. My time to use as I wish. I don’t usually spend it doing chores just because there is plenty of other tine for that. I use it to mentally prepare for what the day will entail. To say my prayers, and just to be quiet with my coffee.
When do you find your quiet time? What do you do?


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