(P) Perfectly Me

Ok so I couldn’t think of a p word for challenge

Purple crayon
You are my favorite in the whole box
Some call you violet, or plum but to me you are just purple.
Puppies and kittens are perfect but prettier when they are purple

Ok seriously
P is for perfect

Have you ever met that mom who just does everything Perfect?
The one who never dies things for herself, and doesn’t complain aboit it. The Mom who is always put together just right. Who has time to out makeup on, that is more than. Chapstick. The mother who does cute arts and crafts and doesn’t have pinterest fails.
I use to strive to be this mom. I realize that this expectation is very unrealistic. I am NOT perfect. The house is going to get messy. My craft ideas won’t end up as pinterest best. My cookies might burn sometimes. Today I am going to just be the perfect version of me.

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