Home is


H Home is where the chaos begins

Home is where the heart is, but it is also where the chaos begins
You need to run an errand that may take five minutes to run, but you take an hour getting the kids ready, and still look like you just rolled out of bed
Legos scattered make mom say not nice words when walking in the hall at night
You just lay something down and two seconds later it is lost, FOREVER!
Something sticky on the table and no one knows how it got there.
A thirty minute show takes you an hour to watch
Talking on the phone has become a thing of the past
Puddle of water left after bath time. You always wanted a pool right?
You tell them it is bed time and they tell you that they learned to tell time.
Home is not just a building of shelter. It is a place your family makes memories. A place your children bring you joy while driving you insane all at the same time. My home is my favorite place and I would not trade it for anything greater. Home is where I am happy. Home is where My heart is.


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