A-Z Challenge

Diaper Explosion

Have you ever been loving, and cuddling your sweet bundle of joy, and look down and…OH NO! POOP EVERYWHERE? Yes that has happened to me. I think all three of my kiddos have done this in some form or fashion. Z did it when he was asleep and got poop all over the bed, Monkey did it in her car seat, and care bear (who is just three months old right now) actually got poop on me.  I swear they know what they are doing because when you go to clean the mess they grin so BIG!

poop song
POOP is what you did
A mess is what you made
You get clean first so the mess doesn’t get worse
After making you happy I clean myself and any bedding that got in the way
Your stinky….your stinky
Your happy now, you know what you did
You poooped, oh yes you did
Your stinky your stinky
It’s a poop explosion, but if you didn’t do it your lungs would be exploding so I clean it up and still love you, even though
Your stinky…..

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