Dr Seuss, your driving me insane



Dr Seuss
Your are driving me Insane!
You are a true poet, growing up we all loved it
Stories are classics, shared with every  generation
But your driving me insane
Your world brings imagination,
You help their minds create
but your driving me insane
The words are easy for a beginner reader
The constant repeat , helps them remember
All This rhyming goat, house,mouse
The same book is a favorite Sam just try the green eggs and ham already!  You will like them you will see, just eat them sam please. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE! PLEASE JUST LET THE STORY END.

image, blog fair

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19 thoughts on “Dr Seuss, your driving me insane

  1. nikkifrankhamilton says:

    Lol! One fish two fish, red fish blue fish! Love it! He is a genius, but when a child gets stuck on a Dr. Seuss book it can become maddening! Good luck!


  2. Morgan Prince says:

    Little Prince LOVES Green Eggs and Ham. I read it more than 3 times per week and he knows all the words but he still likes me to read it to him. I pretty much know it by heart now! I feel for you hun. xx


  3. mummy do it says:

    Very clever! The first time my husband read Fox in Socks to my daughter she didn’t believe he was reading the story properly until he put on the CD it came with! Thanks for sharing at the #BlogFairLinkParty at mummydoit.co.nz Hope you can pop by again next week.


  4. Roxxroxx says:

    My mum didn’t like Dr Seuss so I only discovered him as an adult when I became a teacher. I thought he was annoying till recently when I began teaching really small children and I found that they love love love playing with words! πŸ™‚


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