I am far from SuperMom
You know the moms who seem to always have it right. The moms whose children always are well behaved. The mom who works and keeps a tidy organized home.
The mom who does it all


The Real Housewife of Texas

So unless you live under a rock, you have heard of the real housewives tv shows. There is orange county, New York, Beverly hills Atlanta, and more. However, there isn’t a Texas one that I can think of, or have seen. So here is my version of Real House Wives of Texas.

Texas wives love big trucks.
***Your man being greasy from working on his truck warms your engines.
***When pulling next to a small car you feel superior
*** Mud on the tires doesn’t gross US out it makes us smile.
***Sitting on the tailgate listening to music counts as date night

Texas Wives drink beer
Texas wives have to love AND understand Football
Texas women call EVERYONE nick names. Such as babe, baby, sugar, sweetie, etc..
Texas women love pink camo




Queen Bee

I am the queen of this house
If I’m not happy, u better buzz off
I am the queen bee.

Okay, if I’m the queen why am I
Cooking, cleaning and running thus castle?

Quiet time.
Every mother needs a bit of quiet time. No, I’m not talking about the tine you hide in the bathroom.  I am talking legit quiet time. Tine to reflect, time to pray, time to get mentally prepared. I take this time in the mornjng, or late at night depending in the day. For example currently my little one goes back to down after my SO, and bug kids are off to school.  This is my quiet time. My time to use as I wish. I don’t usually spend it doing chores just because there is plenty of other tine for that. I use it to mentally prepare for what the day will entail. To say my prayers, and just to be quiet with my coffee.
When do you find your quiet time? What do you do?

(P) Perfectly Me

Ok so I couldn’t think of a p word for challenge

Purple crayon
You are my favorite in the whole box
Some call you violet, or plum but to me you are just purple.
Puppies and kittens are perfect but prettier when they are purple

Ok seriously
P is for perfect

Have you ever met that mom who just does everything Perfect?
The one who never dies things for herself, and doesn’t complain aboit it. The Mom who is always put together just right. Who has time to out makeup on, that is more than. Chapstick. The mother who does cute arts and crafts and doesn’t have pinterest fails.
I use to strive to be this mom. I realize that this expectation is very unrealistic. I am NOT perfect. The house is going to get messy. My craft ideas won’t end up as pinterest best. My cookies might burn sometimes. Today I am going to just be the perfect version of me.

(O) Octopus Mommy


Never Enough Arms

Never enough hands to pat a crying infant and fold the laundry
Never enough hands to get all the groceries. No matter how hard I try and attempt to break my little pinky.
Never enough hands to get it all done. I have often said, I don’t have enough arms. If only I was an octopus. What would make your life easier about being an octopus? 

(N) no

Some days all I feel like I’m saying is no. Do you ever feel like this?

No you may not paint the house w/ mud.
No you may not have a pet spider
No you may not eat all of your Halloween candy in one sitting
No, no, no

Mommy is my name


Mommy is My name
Raising wee ones is my game
Writing is my craft
Mommy is who I am through and through

Mommy is my name
Cooking is what I do
Clean all your messes, oh ya I do
Mommy Mommy
Can I,  may i, please please
Mommy I will be always having your back
Your biggest cheerleader
Your pusher, and teacher
My name may be mommy but there is so much more to this name.
Mommy is my name



Love, Laughter, Life
Life is so full
I’m so blessed
I love and laugh
Live life fully
Love, laughter, Life

Love poem to children from mom
Love you baby
I loved you before I met you
I loved you at first site
I love you today, I will love you tomorrow, I will love you always
I love you When you laugh
I love you When you are quiet with a pained heart
I love you through your struggles and through your success
I love you dear child
You are my true love
I love you baby

Life throws us curveball
It challenges us



I walk into our family kitchen
This room is constantly. Flowing
Someone eating, someone at the table
Back door opening and closing
A small room always a buzz

At times disaster area
Cups, bowls, plates, and more
Sticky madness on the table
Trash not making it in the can

Yummy smells
Around a table we sit
Say the prayer
Eat a great meal
Our family kitchen

Just Me


I am Jessica
I am her, and she
I am them
I am ME
I am shy,
I am silly
I am hated and loved
I am me

I am mom
I am daughter
I am friend
I am foe

I am young
I am old
I am unique
Yet I am the same

am quiet I am loud
I am proud, I am fearful
I am a wisher and a dreamer
I am a writer and a bookworm
I am frugal, and expensive I am just me

I am beautiful
I am sincere
I am emotions
I am laughs and cries
I am JUST Me