Googled my blog

Have you ever googled yourself? Today I googled my blog title here is what came up. Never saw this show but interesting name.”>Goldberg episode 215

What happens when you Google yourself or blog name?

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2 thoughts on “Googled my blog

  1. Emily, Our house now a home says:

    I have never heard of that show either. I just Googled myself to see and was pleasantly surprised that all links on the first page were to my blog! You never know what will happen with common names in a title. Mine is Our house now a home and who knows what could coe up with that. I get some really weird search results too. Some people find me by searching for home in Norway or something. Not that that is weird, but my blog has nothing to do with homes in Norway.


    • westfamily1216 says:

      So exciting that you are on front page. We own a remodeling business and I know it is huge to try and be on first page of Google. Congratulations! Here’s to building our little parts of the net. Ps going to chexk page now.


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