Teen Mom

You are probably thinking I am going to talk about the Mtv show Teen Mom., because of the title.  Well it is running a marathon today, as I am writing this, because premiere is tonight. That is what prompted this writing. Yes! I will watch premiere as I am an avid fan.  However, the answer is No. today is a little more personalized. I am talking about Me. I became a Mom at 17. Hold the shocking gasps please.  It was scary, and exciting. I always wanted children, wanted to be called mommy.  Of course, I knew nothing however, of being someone’s mom. I remember leaving the hospital and the shock hitting me. I didn’t doubt that I could care for my new bundle of joy. I knew how to make a bottle and change a diaper.  However, a big feeling of fear came over me. Fear of failure. I feared that I was not going to be able to guide my little man in life. I feared he would hate me for having him young and not being good enough. Whatever, “good enough”  meant. This was not like when I was five tending to my baby dolls. This was no fantasy. There were no cameras following me. Life certainly was REAL, and it was hard. It has now been ten years and three babies later. That fear still creeps in my mind often. Especially when it comes to parenting my little man. He struggles with adhd and more than challenges us. I have learned lots from our oldest guy. Needless to say  being a teen mother taught me more than I can write about.  I am not proud of being a young Mom, I am however proud of overcoming challenges and not letting life defeat me. In writing this today I do not want to glorify being a young mother. If you are a teen, please put your future in check. Live out your dreams, be successful in whatever your heart desires. Most of all go and live life. If your a fellow teen mom, share your story, share what you learned from your little one. If your an older mom, know that at any age we all have fears, know that you certainly are not alone.

2 thoughts on “Teen Mom

  1. Jessica @ Moxie and Mischief says:

    I am not a teen mom, but what a lovely post! Your age may not have been “ideal,” but it sounds like you are an amazing mom and grew from the challenges that present when you are a young mom. My little dude has ADHD too, I know how tough and challenging that alone can be. Anytime you have a doubt, look that that little guy you are raising and know that you are the best mom for him.

    (Mom Bloggers Club)


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