“Fabulously Ordinary”

I recently listened to power of moms ep 39 with tiffany sowbe and it inspired this post. I have often thought of writing a book called “Not Just a Mom“. Some reasons are because I m so much more than a mom, and another is being a stay at home mom gets overlooked.            Tiffany Sowbe wrote a book called Realized Motherhood. In this book her chapter is entitled Fabulously Ordinary. I have not read the book. However, I would certainly love to. I did listen to the afore mentioned podcast and here is what I took away.
    I was reassured first and for most, I am not alone. Every mother feels ordinary at times. Little things go unappreciated, and overlooked. By the kids, our spouse’s, and extended family. This isn’t always easy. It is often tough to think what you do doesn’t matter. Today though I am embracing the fact I am fabulously ordinary. Whatevwr, I do wether cleaning our humble abode, making a delicious dinner or bathing dirty kids matters. Things we do as moms are just ordinary and often get monotonous. If it was gone would you miss it? Heck ya! I would be lost. I have been an ordinary mother for almost eleven years. So embracing the ordinary day to day things and being fabulous at it, is exactly what I took away from Tiffany’s chapter.
A few Ways I am fabulously ordinary and I bet you are too.
* Healing sick kiddies
Somehow I always find a way to get an ill child to take his meds
Somehow a little extra mommy tlc always heals a fever or tummy ache

* Feeding the hungry
While I am not the only cook in our home I do make meals most of the time. I am also not the best cook but if you request a meal it will magically appear soon.
A peanut butter sandwich taste Vetter when made by mom
A nighttime snack usually gets mommy approved

*Being the dedicated reader
I am the one children cine to most when wanting to share in a story. My children know reading is a passion I have.

Well, I must carry on being fabulous while being ordinary at the same time. Have a fabulous day.

Here’s is Tiffany’s YouTube video about this chapter too.

Tiffany Sowby: https://youtu.be/rL_ec11KWBE



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