Survived Spring Break

Saturday Day 1: Today was a busy day. I got my hair done. Monkey had cheer camp & a birthday party

Yes I know I skipped Sunday but nothing special happened. I didn’t want to bore you

Monday day 3 I did a huge closet purge. #get organized #clutter

Tuesday Day 4 The boys went to work during the day, while monkey and I hung out. We watched the original Annie, and some cartoons. We also did some school work and had a dance party.

Wednesday day 5 We had a scare with our care bear and had to rush her to doctor. Read all about it here

Thursday day 6.& Friday day 7. Just us girls home. We spent the day coloring, reading,  watching toons and painting nails. We even took a nap and stayed up late. While staying up late we watched full house and talking. The stories and little things that come out of monkey’s mouth, amaze me. She makes me laugh. She makes me proud. I am very thankful for these two days with her.

Sat…nothing too special Sunday last Day Jesse’s big busy day. He let me sleep in. Which was so wonderful. He cleaned garage, did some other chores aroubd house and mowed the yard. Then we took kiddos to park.

Back to school today, now if only there wasn’t laundry to be done.

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