Throwback Thursday

Party like it’s 1999!
Today I am throwing it back to the 90s
Tv shows just aren’t the same as they were back rhen. So today let’s flashback to five great shows from the 90s

Seventh Heaven was always a favorite. (I have DVDs from most seasons)
Full House: who didn’t want to be a part of the family. This show is still a joy to watch with the kiddos. Except they get mad when I say the parts.
Saved by the bell My school was little but we for sure didn’t have as much fun as this gang.
sister sister I have a close sister and we could fofallyvrelate to some of the trouble Tia and Gamers for into
Clarissa Explains It All: This blonde pretty girl had quite a nerdy side, so I relates to her. She also had an annoying brother. 🙂


So many great shows when I was a kid. What are some of your 90s favorites?

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