Today’s Pet peeves

Vanilla wafers and the size


When I was a kid I understand that lots of things seemed bigger. Problem is I know that these cookies have shrunk significantly over the years. The grocery store was having a 2 for $5 on the name brand “nilla wafers” So I bought some thinking I can make peanut butter sandwich cookies and have a littlw snack. These things are so much smaller and thinner that a dot of peanut butter hardly fits. #Disappointing

When someone messes with MY DVR


Omg! I want to scream right now! My daughter who is six canceled my shows from the schedule tonight and in place put Disney shows! Ya! Can you believe it? Monday night tv, canceled! No bachelor finale! No broke girls or Mike and Molly! All canceled.  Going to try and watch online tomorrow but I am still terribly sad tonight!


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