International Woman’s Day


International Woman’s Day.
What does that mean? 
Direct quote from International woman’s day website

All around the world, International Women’s Day represents an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality.

What this means to me. Well first and foremost it means I am proud to be born a woman. Many times women don’t embrace their feminine sides. Reasons I am thankful I am a woman.

1) I got the pleasure of feeling three angels grow inside me.
2) I have a wonderful naturing
3)  I’m more sensitive
4)painting my fingernails
6) I get to be held by strong arms

Just to name a few. Now granted men can care about fashion and can also be nurturing. I just feel that as a woman I come by these things

more natural than a man. 

Women who inspire me to be a great woman

1) My own mother
She has six children who she puts above herself and 13 grandkids who she loves and adores whole heartedly. She is a strong Christian woman who has been through a lot and never let anything stop her. She has been married many years and showed me how a healthy relationship between husband and wife should be. I could go on an in but basically the woman that gave me life is an amazingly inspiring

2) My grandmother aka gmail


She is 80 years old and is full of strength. She has a strong belief in faith and walks with God daily. Gma, is the woman who taught me a love for reading and writing. She is the one who introduced me to the library and showed me that anywhere I dreamed of I could travel in a book or through my writing. She doesn’t believe in the word bored and stays busy even today.

I am not a perfect person by any means. However, I am proud to be a woman and have many strong women to look up to. All to often, we as women do not lift each other up enough. It is always about beating the other in the race. Knocking each other down to make ourselves feel better. Today I lift myself and all the wonderful women up. In celebration of International Woman’s day let’s be proud to be who we are. #Womansday

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