Spring Break is Approaching Fast

The  two school aged bears have been out several days on and off due to erratic weather here in texas. ( In my sarcastic voice) However,  that is not enough time off from school apparently. Spring Break is approaching fast. The kids last day is today. Yikes!


Goals for the next week while kids are out.

1) Get my hair done (Has been WAY to long)
2) Read a book on my kindle ( Joanne Fluke: BlackBerry Pie Murder )

3) Catch up on dvr ( this week’s General hospital)
4) Keep up with housework (kids shelves put together, use new vacuum, reorganize kitchen,
5) play the games kids got at Christmas (Zack’s monopoly, rys trouble)
6) enjoy reading with monkey (not an actual monkey, my middle child)

I will report Monday when the kids go back to school if anything on this list was accomplished. Wish me luck, that I at least accomplish one thing. Hopefully more, without pulling my hair out.

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