My last name

Well as I said in the about me post I am not married. Well not on paper anyways. My last name is still my maiden name. My significant other and I have been together over 6 years, but haven’t done the whole standing in front of our family and friends saying cliches. We are waiting for the right time.
Anyways my son is 4 years old. He has a very inquisitive mind. Sometimes I swear I can see the wheels turning inside his tiny head. Well anyhow the other day he was playing office (a fave game of his). He looked up from his clip board and says
“mommy whats your last name?”
My reply was “what is my last name?” thinking he would say something silly like mommy? well he popped up and said
I was shocked that he had been paying attention to me when I was on the phone or at the doctor’s office and said my last name. So I curiously said ” How did you know that?” Well turns out he wasn’t paying attention to me. He heard it from my dad. Anyways the conversation continued with Zack telling me he wanted my name to be his last name. I just laughed at him and said it would be one day. He was satisfied with that answer, but that conversation is certainly one I will remember always.


Samuel David


I am a proud AUNT and have been for a few years now. I just recently met my newest little nephew. His father is my brother Christopher. We have always been close, but I think in the most recent years we have grown closer. Even more so in the most recent months. He is such a great dad! I enjoyed seeing his face when he came out to tell the waiting grandparents and aunts that little Sam finally was here. I even got to supervise the first diaper change Chris did. I didnt

even have to help much. I know he will continue to be a SUPERDAD!

Little Samuel was born on July 3 almost an Independence Day baby boy! He weighed seven pounds two ounces. He has all ten little fingers and toes and is so adorable. I cant wait to watch him grow. Just hope he doesnt do it to fast!